Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken

A milder curry when compared to other Indian curries makes Butter Chicken a favorite among families with little ones. You can certainly add as much or as little chili as you wish. In other words, YOU are in total control of how spicy you make it.

As mentioned above, the juicy and tender, flavor-infused chicken starts with an easy yogurt marinade made from scratch: plain yogurt, fresh garlic and ginger, and easy-to-find spices.

You can use boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts. We prefer dark meat, but go with what you like.

1. First, mix your yogurt marinade together.

2. Marinate chicken for 20 minutes, or overnight if time allows. (The longer it marinates, the more tender your chicken will be.)

3. Sear chicken in a skillet or pan. Keep those charred bits on the pan to make your sauce. Browned bits = flavor. If you have too many burnt pieces stuck to the pan, you can discard some of them if you wish.

4. Finally, make your curry sauce in the same skillet.

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